We tried a case at the beginning of the year for a really nice woman who was rear-ended on her way to work.

The case was challenging because about a week after the wreck our client went on a trip to Thailand where she competed in an ultimate frisbee tournament, went on an overnight hike, etc. She also resumed playing professional ultimate frisbee about a month after the wreck. She missed three days of work.

Our client treated with a chiropractor for a few months for neck and back pain and ultimately made a full recovery. She was even invited to try out for the US National Ultimate Frisbee Team after the wreck.

We explained to the jury that even though our client’s symptoms resolved, she has permanent damage to the muscles, tendons and ligaments in her back and neck because of the wreck.

We also explained to the jury that even though our client was able to travel to Thailand, the trip was a lot less enjoyable for her because she was in pain.

Here’s one of the images we used during our closing argument to make this point:


The top picture shows what our client hoped her trip to Thailand would be like.  We explained to the jury that our client’s pain really dulled the experience for her—like in the bottom picture.

Before trial the insurance carrier offered $15,000 to settle the case.  The jury returned a verdict of $83,000 for our client.