Myers & Company is committed to getting top-dollar settlements for its clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Squeezing $923,000 from a $25,000 Policy Washington has a minimum insurance requirement.  Drivers have to carry at least $25,000 in coverage.  That minimum amount dates back to the early 1980s.  To give some context: In 1980 gas cost $1 a gallon.  The Dow Jones peaked at 1,000.  Jimmy Carter was in the White House and his brother Billy was selling beer.

  • Myers & Company Recovers Over Twice UIM Policy Limits  We recently represented a man who was hurt in a motorcycle wreck when the at-fault driver made a left turn in front of him.  Our client was a motorcycle enthusiast.  He worked at a dealership, his social life revolved around motorcycles and he spent weekends with his fiancé (now wife) going for rides (they even got engaged on a ride).

  • Jury Returns Verdict Over 5x Higher than Carrier’s Last Offer  We tried a case at the beginning of the year for a really nice woman who was rear-ended on her way to work.  The case was challenging because about a week after the wreck our client went on a trip to Thailand where she competed in an ultimate frisbee tournament, went on an overnight hike, etc.  She also resumed playing professional ultimate frisbee about a month after the wreck.  She missed three days of work.

  • Slip and Fall Client Gets 14x Treatment Expenses We recently represented a woman who slipped and fell at Rite Aid and sustained a MTBI. We sent a demand letter to Rite Aid’s insurance carrier. The carrier tried to convince us the case wasn’t worth very much money because our client’s symptoms resolved pretty quickly and her doctors didn’t indicate she’d have future complications.

  • Real Money for Psychological Injuries  We recently tried a case for a client who was involved in a three-vehicle wreck.  Our client sustained soft-tissue neck and back injuries.  He was sidelined from his favorite activities while he was recovering.  He wasn’t able to golf, ski, hike or play basketball for several months after the wreck.

  • Jury Returns Verdict 15X Higher Than Carrier’s Last Offer  We tried a case last year for a man who was rear-ended on the freeway. Our client went to urgent care after the wreck and was diagnosed with a neck strain.

  • Six-Figure Award for Emotional Injuries.  We recently represented a man who was rear ended while driving an attenuator truck.  He was working for the Department of Transportation on a road construction project.

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