That Son of a Bitch Tried to Hit Me —Intentional Conduct

We live in a high-stress society. People feel like they have a license to act like idiots when they’re on the road. Old women feel no compunction about giving other drivers the finger Johnny Cash style.

So it’s not surprising that there are a lot of road-rage collisions. There’s a general rule that insurance doesn’t cover intentional conduct. That was confirmed by the Washington Court of Appeals in a 2014 decision where it ruled that that an insurance company didn’t have to cover a man under either his homeowners or auto insurance policies for claims arising out of an assault at a traffic light.

Enter UIM (uninsured or under insured motorist) coverage. Several years ago the Washington legislature passed the Ethel Adams UIM law. It says that a UIM policy covers road rage collisions (even though there’s intentional conduct).

A lot of motorcyclists explain to me that Washington law doesn’t require insurance to ride a motorcycle. That’s right. You’re not legally required to carry liability insurance. But without liability insurance you can’t purchase UIM coverage. And then what happens if you’re hit by guy who just got fired from his job or found out his wife was stepping out on him? Better safe than sorry.

If you have motorcycle insurance do you have UIM coverage? If you’re not sure, we’re happy to take a look at your policy.

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