We recently represented a man who was rear ended while driving an attenuator truck. He was working for the Department of Transportation on a road construction project.

The defendant was high on meth and marijuana at the time of the wreck.

Our client had some neck and back pain after the wreck. He treated a couple times with a chiropractor and made a full recovery.

The most significant part of the case was the emotional impact on our client. He had anxiety, nightmares, trouble sleeping and flashbacks to the wreck. But he didn’t receive any counseling or treatment for his emotional symptoms.

We explained to the arbitrator that getting hit by an intoxicated driver is a big deal. We explained that our client was the victim of a violent crime and is realistically concerned about it happening again to him or someone he cares about.

Even though our client had less than $1,000 in treatment expenses the arbitrator entered a six-figure award.

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