We recently tried a case for a client who was involved in a three-vehicle wreck.

Our client sustained soft-tissue neck and back injuries.  He was sidelined from his favorite activities while he was recovering.  He wasn’t able to golf, ski, hike or play basketball for several months after the wreck.

Our client’s physical injuries impacted his life, but they paled in comparison to the psychological impact of the wreck.

We explained to the jury that our client no longer feels the freedom he had before the wreck because of his newfound fear of driving.  He’s now forced to rely on his wife for transportation.  We emphasized what a big deal this is and explained that our client now isolates himself socially and rarely leaves his house.

The insurance carrier’s last offer before trial was $25,000.  We tried the case and received a verdict of $140,335 for our client and $15,000 for his wife.

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