Attorneys don’t like suing other attorneys. But during my first five or ten years I got a lot of practice. No case was too small.

We don’t handle a lot of legal malpractice cases anymore. But sometimes we still get involved.

Attorney malpractices cases are often described as a case within a case. Kind of like Russian nesting dolls.

You have to prove that the attorney screwed up. Then you have to prove what the underlying case was worth (had it been competently handled).

In a recent case our client had been represented by a couple of well-known attorneys. For five years they worked on his brain injury case. Then the other side realized that the attorneys had missed the statute of limitations.

The client was crestfallen. That’s a lot of time and emotional energy.

We worked hammer and tongs on the case. Within five months we had it wrapped.

Personal injury cases don’t get better with time. Legal malpractice cases are frequently the result of delay.

For better or worse, we have a bias toward action. And that bias frequently produced pretty amazing results.

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