We represented a young man.  He met an old man at the park.  They developed a friendship.  The young man spent time with the old man discussing current events and watching movies.

Eventually the relationship developed a sexual component.  Their sexual relationship involved the use of dildos and vibrators.  The old man wielded these sexual implements. The young man was always the recipient.

One night things went wrong.  The old man inserted the vibrator in the young man’s anus for about two to three minutes.  The young man asked the old man to stop – it  hurt.

The old man stopped and pulled the vibrator out.  About a minute later the old man asked the young man if he wanted to continue.  The young man agreed.  The old man resumed inserting the vibrator in the young man’s anus.  But this time the vibrator went in too deep.  The entire appliance became lodged in the young man’s rectum.

After failed attempts to remove the vibrator on their own, the old man drove the young man to the hospital.  The vibrator continued to buzz. Doctors removed the vibrator.

The young man had a perforated bowel.  He underwent surgery.  Even though the surgery was considered a success, the young man was left with a colostomy bag.

We sued the old man.  Because we alleged the old man was negligent in the way he used the vibrator, his homeowner’s insurance provided coverage.  We were able to negotiate a six-figure settlement with the old man’s homeowner’s carrier.

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