Our client met friends at a bar down in SODO. They decided to play shuffleboard.

The game was in its infancy—everyone had just arrived.  Our client played a particularly good shot.   A friend attempted to congratulate her with a high-five.

Unfortunately, the high-five was unexpected and caught our client off-balance.  The “high-fiver” knocked our client to the ground and fell on top of her.   The fall broke her ankle.

Everyone says: accidents happen.  Completely agree.  And that’s (part) of why we buy homeowner’s insurance.

The homeowner’s carrier was skeptical when it received the claim.  So we filed suit.  After extensive discovery the homeowner’s carrier caved.  It accepted liability and ultimately paid over six figures to settle the case.

This wasn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last case where we represent someone who’s reluctant to sue a friend at the outset but very glad they did by the end of the case.

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