It’s weird that we vote for judges.  It seems like they should be appointed.  But they aren’t in Washington.

A lot of people ask me for whom they should vote.  Here are the candidates for whom I voted and why:


State Supreme Court—Justice Position No. 3: Raquel Montoya-Lewis.  She was appointed to the Supreme Court and has a track record as a Superior Court judge.  Her opponent (Dave Larson) is a judge in the Municipal Court in Federal Way and appears to be a strict constructionist like Amy Coney Barrett.


State Supreme Court—Justice Position No. 6: G. Helen Whitener.  Very good reputation as a Superior Court judge.  Her opponent (Richard Serns) just passed the bar in May 2020.


The next two are King County picks.  If you live in a different county and have questions about who I think is the most qualified candidate, let me know.  I’m happy to share my opinion.


Superior Court—Judge Position No. 13: I’m voting for Hillary Madsen.  Her mom was on the Supreme Court.  I didn’t like the way she ruled on personal injury issues.  But Hillary seems to have a different sense of what’s fair and what’s not—she’s publicly disagreed with her mom about some important issues.  And she’s Sam Lin’s sister-in-law.  But in fairness, her opponent (Andrea Robertson) seems well-qualified too.


Superior Court—Judge Position No. 13: Doug North.  He’s been on the Superior Court for 20 years.  He’s smart and makes predicable rulings.  And that’s really what you want.  Also, I’m distrustful of the long-term relationship his opponent (Carolyn Ladd) has had with the Boeing Company.  If you spend 20 years with a big corporation, it’s hard not to think like a big corporation.


Do you ever watch those shows that are on before the college football day starts?  They provide tips about how to bet.  And if you jump through a certain number of hoops you can get a bonus tip.  Well, here’s my bonus tip.  It’s not related to a judicial race.  But it has an important “law” component.  It’s the Attorney General’s race.

I’m voting for Bob Ferguson.  The thing that stands out for me is that he’s sued the Trump Administration over 75 times and (I don’t think) has lost a case.  He’s willing to fight the power for people of this state.  That’s enough for me.

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