October 20, 2022: Victories are Won in Inches, Not Miles….

Apropos that the title of this newsletter comes from Louis L’Amour.

“America’s storyteller, Louis L’Amour brings to life the American frontier!  Cowboys, indians, gunslingers, outlaws, Texas Rangers and frontier Marshalls…..”

That lines up pretty well with Frontier Days in Walla Walla.

During the trial the judge asked a lot of questions. 

Sometimes we’re guilty of hearing what we want to hear.  But to Samantha and me it sounded like we were winning.

Apparently it sounded that way to Walla Walla County too.

After the trial the County agreed to repeal the dress code ordinance and pay a significant portion of our attorney fees and costs.  (That’s equivalent to hitting a home run in this case.)

Does this mean that law enforcement and local government will be more careful about using labels like “gangs” to describe motorcycle clubs?  Probably not.

Will this prevent Walla Walla from “privatizing” the Fair and utilizing a dress code?  No.  (Private businesses aren’t subject to the same constitutional requirements as local governments.)

But does this mean that law enforcement and local government know that motorcycle clubs and motorcycle riders have a voice and a law firm that will go to battle for them?  Definitely.