Pick-six is a term that’s used in football. The team on offense passes the ball. The pass is intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

It’s kind of like the four-point turn around in basketball.  A layup or dunk is missed at one end and the ball is rebounded and taken back the other way for a score.

The same thing can happen in personal injury cases. The most common way is when the plaintiff gets “greedy” and tries to relate unrelated conditions to the wreck, fall, etc.

Here’s what happens. The plaintiff hurts his neck in the crash. But he decides since his shoulder hurts, he’ll mention it too. It turns out his shoulder hurt before the wreck.

So, the defense gets to highlight that (1) the plaintiff doesn’t really have a good sense of what’s going on with his body and (2) all the things he hasn’t been able to do have probably been caused by his shoulder (which wasn’t related to the wreck anyway).

I think that if there’s doubt, there is no doubt. Don’t try to relate conditions to a wreck unless you’re sure that it caused or made them a lot worse.

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