Do you believe in God? Does the Bible provide a foundation for the way you understand the world?

Well, Seattle has the highest percentage of atheists in the country.

They don’t believe in organized religion and think that the Bible was inspired by God or that the first five books were written by Moses.

Do you believe in science? Do you think there have been tremendous advances involving RNA and that the various vaccines will return life to normal?

Well, there are 41M white evangelicals in the United States. As a group they mistrust science and 45 percent say they are not going to get vaccinated.

So, what’s the point of all this? It’s not about Christianity or molecular biology.

It’s about the fact that all of us live in these belief silos. We’re surrounded by sources of information that reinforce what we believe. Over time we start thinking that everyone shares our views. And that’s absolutely not the case.

This is written to insurance adjusters, clients, defense attorneys and experts. What you think is the “truth” may be rejected out of hand by jurors. That growing uncertainty needs to be factored into case evaluation when deciding whether to settle or go to trial.

I’m not saying that all cases should be settled. They shouldn’t. But at the same time there are no “sure things” in this world of heterogenous data sets and belief systems.

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