Raising Kids is Tough. Some Accidents Can’t be Avoided. Most Can.

Seattle Police tweeted about one that could have been avoided and highlights the problem of distracted driving:

Suspected drug dealer strikes woman and infant in hit and run. http://spdblotter.seattle.gov/?p=24150

The child has a claim for the injuries suffered in the collision.

The mother has what is called a “bystander” claim for witnessing the injury to her child.

The mother also has “parental loss of consortium claims” for the way the accident potentially will affect her relationship with her child.

The personal injury protection coverage of the at-fault driver should pay for treatment expenses for the child.  If the driver was underinsured the child can recover under the mother’s underinsured motorist policy.  (Pedestrians get the benefit of UIM coverage (even though they’re not in their cars).  Buy as much UIM coverage as you can afford.  It covers you in your car, in someone else’s car, on a bike or while you’re walking.)

Claims involving children involve several layers of complexity.  Parents should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney and should not try to settle claims on their own.

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