A lot of clients keep pain diaries.

Sometimes it’s because of a suggestion from a friend.  Sometimes clients are just the type of people who like to document everything.

But photos are worth 1,000 words.

It’s hard to figure out what, exactly, to do with pain diaries.  Sometimes there are helpful snippets.  Sometimes they can be reduced to charts.  But ultimately, they don’t translate very well.

Photos, on the other hand, are tremendous.  They help create depth in a way words can’t and animate people and topics for jaded and somewhat bored adjusters, attorneys, arbitrators and jurors.

So instead of keeping pain diaries we want all of our clients to take photos.  There’s something very intriguing about self-portraits.  But photos taken by family, friends, neighbors, etc. are great too.

I hate using adjectives.  At least in this context they sound made-up.  So, you decide what communicates this idea better:


A. Bert Trautman played the 1956 FA Cup Final for Manchester City. During the game he broke his neck but stayed in for the full 90. He was in serious pain. It really hurt a lot. He had a hard time turning his head from side to side. Jumping to catch the ball was excruciating.

B. Here’s Bert right side of the photo:

I hope you said “B.”


If you experience something, take a photo with your phone and text it to us.  Using the mirror, you should be able to capture just about everything.  If you can’t, have a friend, co-worker or family member take the photo.

Even better than photos…videos.  Here’s our newest attorney, Patrick Clifford, to talk about how easy it is to show rather than tell jurors the story.

(Patrick Clifford)