Pedestrian v. Truck Accident—Issues in the Aftermath

There was a horrible accident up by Harborview.

A number things come to mind all at the same time:

  1. Are the cameras on the traffic signals?
  2. Did any witnesses or businesses catch it on video?
  3. Did the pedestrian have uninsured motorist?

Sometimes “hit and run” drivers will be located and have insurance.  But the vast majority are drug-using degenerates who don’t have insurance anyway.  Hit and run drivers are considered “phantom drivers” under UIM policies and treated as uninsured.  Pedestrians get the benefit of UIM coverage (even though they’re not in their cars).  Buy as much UIM coverage as you can afford.  It covers you in your car, in someone else’s car, on a bike or while you’re walking.

I hope that police are able to find the bright green truck and there’s a massive liability policy to help the victim’s family.

1 thought on “Pedestrian v. Truck Accident—Issues in the Aftermath

  1. Simi Valley

    Amputations – In some instances, the forces involved in pedestrian accidents can have serious lifelong repercussions on the victim s body such as the accidental amputation of limbs and extremities.

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