Motor Vehicle Accidents—More than Just “Whiplash” Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) are commonly associated with back and neck injuries.  But the forces of impact can injure a lot of other parts of the body.  Here are some of the injuries that have been caused in MVA cases we’ve handled:

  • Separated Shoulder/Torn Rotator Cuff (from seatbelt)
  • Broken Heel (force against brake pedal)
  • Carpel Tunnel (force against steering wheel)
  • Brain Injury (rapid acceleration and deceleration of brain inside skull/coup-contre coup)
  • Broken Teeth

Many of these injuries are not diagnosed right away.  Doctors are not accustomed to looking for them and sometimes people involved in accidents don’t notice them until their back and neck start feeling better and they go back to work (we’ve had this happen in a couple cases involving torn rotator cuffs).

It’s important in a personal injury case to capture all of the injuries caused by an accident.  An experienced personal injury attorney can help obtain recovery for injuries insurance companies might overlook or fail to recognize as MVA related.

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