Falls in Nursing Homes—The Most Preventable Accident

Some accidents can’t be prevented. They happen unexpectedly and without warning or are part of the accepted risks of an activity. But there are other accidents that can and should be prevented. A good example is resident/patient falls in nursing homes.

Every nursing home should have general fall prevention policies and specific plans tailored to individual residents. When they don’t—or don’t follow their own plans—disaster invariably strikes.

recent news story illustrated this point:

Wyoming Nursing Home Faces Second Injury Lawsuit

A second injury lawsuit has been filed against a Wyoming nursing home by the estate of a patient who was allegedly injured there in 2014. The lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court of Wyoming contends that staff at the Cheyenne-based nursing home negligently monitored and failed to properly care for the elderly woman who was injured during a fall. Kindred Transitional Care Rehabilitation nursing home is named as a defendant in the lawsuit. The complaint seeks compensation for the alleged injuries, namely fractures to the patient’s right ankle, permanent limited mobility, dehydration and mental and emotional distress.

Sarah Zoellick, Wyoming Tribune Eagle 09/29/2016
Read Article: Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Not every accident means someone was negligent. But falls (like bedsores) are usually a smoking gun and claims should be investigated by attorneys hired either by residents or their families.

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