We’ve talked about drowsy driving before in the context of two party collisions.

From our perspective drowsy driving is the same as drunk driving.  It’s a preventable risk factor.

Drowsy driving puts not only other roadway users at risk, but also passengers.  And passengers are often family member.

Monday’s Jackson Highway crash highlights the dangers of drowsy driving and why making a claim against a family member makes sense:

An elderly Chehalis couple were injured and transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle Monday afternoon following a crash on Jackson Highway, according to Lewis County  Fire District 5.

At 1:20 p.m. Monday, fire crews responded to a report of a rollover accident in the 3100 block of Jackson Highway.

They arrived to find an elderly couple in a vehicle that was lodged against a utility pole.

The wife suffered a fractured neck and other injuries. She said her husband might have fallen asleep at the wheel.  If the husband nodded off, it makes sense for the wife passenger to assert a claim against him.

A lot of people would rather not make a claim against a family member.  But it’s important to remember that the family member has been paying insurance premiums for years to make sure that he or she has coverage just in case this type of accident occurs.

If the wife chooses not to make a claim in this situation, the only one who wins is the insurance company.


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