It sounds obvious:  Brush your teeth.  Look both ways before crossing the street.  Follow your doctor’s recommendations.

But life can get busy.  And money for treatment can get tight.

Some clients come have large gaps in their treatment or have stopped treatment before reaching “maximum medical improvement”.

One of the worst things an injured person can do is to deviate from the treatment plan outlined by providers.

It signals to adjusters, opposing counsel, judges and jurors that getting better must not be a priority.  If getting better isn’t a priority, the natural conclusion is that the injuries must not be that bad.

And not only does it suggest injuries aren’t serious, it also gives the defendant a basis to argue that if the injured person had followed the treatment plan there wouldn’t be any residual effects from the accident.

Failing to schedule and/or missing appointments impacts your recover and bleeds value out of your case.

If money is a concern, there are many options.  Patient accounts departments are often willing to set up payment plans or provide treatment on a lien basis.  Third party funding groups like Red Fern can help advance funds for surgery and MRIs.

Follow your doctors’ recommendations, scheduling appointments and attending those appointments.

If time or money gets tight, ask your attorney for advice.  There are lots of option.

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