Peter Frampton sang: “Do you…you, feel like I do? / How’d ya feel? / Do you…you, feel like I do?”  It’s an issue in album rock.  It’s also an issue in hiring an attorney.

There’s a lawyer in Seattle who suffered a pretty serious brain injury.  He touts the brain injury as a bridge that connects him with his clients.  Maybe that’s an important link for some clients.  But I would imagine others would be reluctant to hire an attorney with a brain injury.

My story’s a little bit different.  Over the years I’d had lots of trips to the ER (motorcycle accidents, falls, sports injuries, etc.) but I’d never really spent time in the hospital.

Fast forward to Spring 2015: I had bone on bone arthritis in my hip for three or four years.  I finally said enough is enough and decided to have it replaced.

Two great outcomes.  First, my hip doesn’t hurt any more and I just transitioned off the cane.  Second, I have stayed in the hospital, I have had the fall belt around my waist, I’ve walked with a walker, I know what it’s like to have a major orthopedic surgery and have a body-part (that served me pretty well for 48 years) removed.

Does that mean that I’ve experienced everything you’ve experienced?  No.  But it does mean that I have a pretty good reference point for understanding most orthopedic injuries and the pain and disability that come along with them.

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