Curse of the Eggnog

The holidays are here.  Family.  Good cheer.  Office party hookups.  Good times all around.

Drunk driving skyrockets in December.  A third of all accidents on Christmas Eve are the result of drunk driving.

And things get even boozier on New Year’s Eve.  Over 40 percent of accidents that nights are caused by drunks.

But accidents resulting from drinking and driving don’t just happen on those two days.  The whole month of December is filled with accidents due to winter break from college, holiday parties, and looking back at the year in the rear-view mirror.

Drunk drivers not only get into accidents, they compound mistakes.  Last week, a man, suspected to be under the influence, hit 9-10 cars on I-5 in Seattle.

So what can you do?  We live in a culture where people like to drive.  So not driving isn’t really an option.  The next best thing to avoiding an accident is making sure you’re covered if you’re in one.

Some drunk drivers have plenty of insurance.  But most don’t.  Drunk drivers are another reason that it’s essential to carry uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

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