Friends and family and accidents.  This comes up all the time.

It’s kind of like the five mile rule.  Something like 99 percent of accidents happen within five miles of home.  Why?  Because you do 99 percent of your driving within five miles of home.

The same think is true with friends and family.  A huge number of accidents happen when the injured person is riding with friends and family.  Sometimes it’s a someone else’s fault (lawyers call this someone else a “third-party”).  But many times it involves a single car accident where the friend is responsible:

Thinh Nguyen, 24, of Lynnwood was westbound on Interstate 82, about 5 miles north of Yakima, when he lost control and went off the roadway to the right. He struck the guardrail and veered back to the left, leaving the roadway again and rolling before the car came to rest on its wheels, the State Patrol report said.

Both Nguyen and his passenger, Tram Lam, 22, of Seattle, were taken to Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center. Hospital staff said they were discharged from the ER later Sunday afternoon.

Likely that driver and passenger are related or friends.  Does that mean that the passenger shouldn’t make a claim?  No way.  The only one who benefits when injured passengers don’t make claims…the insurance companies.

The insurance company has already collected premiums–maybe years of premiums–to cover this type of risk and claim.  It makes complete sense for injured passengers to utilize the coverage that drivers have purchased.

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